28 April 2015

The burden of the heart, by Rosa Montero

Maybe El peso del corazón (roughly translated as The burden of the heart) won't look as the most proper title for a detective and futuristic work. Even so, from this last kind is what the most recent book by Rosa Montero partly pretends to be. The experienced author has taken up again her detective android, Bruna Husky, and put her in a story seasoned with social and environmental criticism. This way, with the action located again in that supposed Earth in a century from now, Montero deepens in the evils of that world to come and... The same defects which weighed down Husky's first adventure.

24 November 2013

City without stars, by Montse de Paz

It's odd, I don't remember reading another Minotauro prize before this Ciudad sin estrellas (City without stars). It wasn't on purpose, I swear. Just life, nothing more. The important thing is that, in this post, I offer you the review of an awarded spanish science fiction work. And you know how I like to do the reviews: long and going well into detail. Otherwise this wouldn't be an analysis worth of ProseRage.

30 September 2013

Who mourns for science fiction?

Not me, although there was a time when I took the respect for the genre more to heart. I think there are still followers who keep that fervour. Veteran readers who have invested years reading science fiction and nowadays they find that there's a sort of widespread shame to call it by its name. Now what it's used are descendents or substitutes: all are distopian fantasies, paranormal romances, urban uchronies or any other fancy term invented by marketing. Is what happens in the age of political correctness, hollow but twisted language and the scorn to arts. Maybe François Baranger won't have any qualms to qualify the illustration topping this article —his work Dominium ready to cast off— as what it looks like. On my behalf, perhaps I'm not very worried about the preservation and correct use of the tag science fiction, but I can afford myself to talk about the matter.

5 September 2013

Antigua Vamurta, by Lluís Viñas Marcus

Igor Kutuzov (alias of Lluis Viñas Marcus) was kind to send me the first volume of the Vamurta's saga. It's has been from that... I don't know, more than a year and a half maybe. I read the novel and left me wanting to know about what happened later. The resolution to this intrigue came in march of this year 2013, when the author announced the complete edition of the saga in one tome. Hooray! Or something like that I thought when the email from mister Viñas promoting this work reached me. It was even better that he offered it free for a few days through Amazon and I was quick enought to get one digital copy. Let this review of Antigua Vamurta La Saga Completa be my payment to so many books on the house.