25 March 2013

Free spanish magazines about fantastic literature

At last, here is the first post of the english version of ProseRage. Some time ago, when I started with the original spanish blog I had to document myself about what was going on around the fantasy, science fiction and terror literary genres in Spain and Spanish America. I was surprised to find out that there were quite a lot of projects, events, books and the publications I cover in this article: free digital magazines. So, what will you find here is a list of all the free magazines that are published in a digital format and are related to the genres I've specified a couple of sentences before. Ok, all the ones I could find at least, but I don't think I've missed anyone of them. Remember, all of them are free, and available in downloadable formats —pdf and epub mostly—. Just a few of them are given as html.

And what's about the cover illustration for this entry? I like to decorate my posts with nice pictures of professionals or amateurs with good drawing skills. This time it's a concept art made by Li Jia Tan for the Star Wars videogame The force unleashed II, something that explains the LucasArts logo on the top-right.