21 April 2013

Natural predators

I thought that this second entry in the blog should be showing a bit of the narrative I type in my computer at the strange hours of midnight. Therefore I chose to translate my very short and most recent story, Natural Predators. In fact, what comes next is a translation from the text I published, like a couple of weeks ago or so, in the spanish version of Proserage under the title Depredadores Naturales.

Looking at the illustration you'll realize that there are dinosaurs in this humble but pulpy story. Well, it was something inspired by the non-written rule which says that anything with dinosaurs is better than anything without them. Yes, I was absolutely sober when I heard this and no, I haven't the slightest notion about the creator of the image (I found it in this page). I'll say no more, just enjoy what comes next.


There was just one round left in the shotgun and winded up not being for her. Every bit of it was eaten by the rotten jerk who found her. The shoot caught the attention of the rest of the pack and she had to flee again. But neither she had any more ammo, nor strength. Her legs couldn't bear it further and she ended rolling over the floor.

Lying down and panting her desperation, she waited death, cursing having doubted about using that last shoot upon herself. She didn't want to die eaten up by brainless cannibals and much less to become one of them.

But strange cawings, turned up from everywhere, were what reached her first. Even the zombified stopped, bewildered. Maybe because of remains of an instinctive fear that still lingered in their damaged brains. The woman stood up making an effort and peered around her.

She thought she had made out silhouettes among the tumbledown buildings. Something was prowling there, stalking nearer every time. Suddenly, she felt a breathing at her back. Stiffed by fear, she turned her head and became petrified when she saw it. Despite it's feathers, she was able to recognize the species even. Velociraptor.

A dinosaur, that was it. A damned dinosaur was there, sniffing at her just like that. At the end of its inspection, the animal screamed and a hundred of its brothers stormed the street, surrounding the walking bodies. The subsequent battle wasn't that at all, just an unspeakable massacre.

Stunned and still skeptical, the woman watched how her putrid pursuers were butchered by those enormous impossible reptiles. But she wouldn't stay there till the end of that slaughter. The dinosaur which had appeared at her side began to trot towards a side street, although halted after a few strides. It looked back, making clear what was expecting from her.

The woman doubted just an instant before resolving herself to follow the animal. Behind her a shapeless chorus of screams, inhumane time ago already, was being extinguished by a lethal and relentless silence. While walking behind that unexpected savior and guide she couldn't help herself thinking that, in a matter of seconds, her life had turned much more interesting.