27 May 2013

Lists of publishers, websites and authors in Proserage's Twitter

Admit it, you don't have any idea about which publishing companies or brands are the ones dedicated to —on a exclusive basis— publish fantasy or science fiction literature, or even horror, in spanish. And much less in english. Worry not, because I'm going to help you know it. In Proserage's Twitter (¡One hundred and thirty followers now!), I felt useful to organise all my followings into lists. All of the included accounts are related to fiction literature, being it fantastic or not. There are more than five hundred references scattered in those ten lists, which I'll keep on growing. To make you clear what is each one and help you choosing the right lists to follow, I explain all of them in this post.

The picture above is the work of Pat C. Presley and he titled it Farthest Shore.

17 May 2013

The floating fortress, by Joseph Berna

In the 20th century, from the '50s to the second half of the '90s, there were published in Spain (they reached spanish america too) short novels (called 'bolsilibros' —pocketbooks— or 'novelas de a duro' —pulp novels) of very diverse genres. In Sitio de Ciencia Ficción (Science Fiction Site) there is published a very long (and very recommendable) article series about all the collections that existed related to that web's main subject.

Does is have anything to do with me or ProseRage? Well, yes. I happen to own three of those works, all of them part of La conquista del espacio (The conquest of space) collection (edited by the extinct Bruguera) and I thought about making a good review of this trio. In the end, I wrote and published the articles in the spanish version of ProseRage and, quite a bit of time later, the day has come to translate them into english. Why all this work? For archeological interest's sake and, also, to check how well have aged those narrations. Bear in mind that these minibooks I have are an insignificant sample because, doing a wild guess, more than two thousand titles (reeditions not counted) of the science fiction kind (a bag were I put in space stories, anticipation, time travel, speculative or any other twisted term you'd like to invent) were published through the years in different collections by several publishers.