27 May 2013

Lists of publishers, websites and authors in Proserage's Twitter

Admit it, you don't have any idea about which publishing companies or brands are the ones dedicated to —on a exclusive basis— publish fantasy or science fiction literature, or even horror, in spanish. And much less in english. Worry not, because I'm going to help you know it. In Proserage's Twitter (¡One hundred and thirty followers now!), I felt useful to organise all my followings into lists. All of the included accounts are related to fiction literature, being it fantastic or not. There are more than five hundred references scattered in those ten lists, which I'll keep on growing. To make you clear what is each one and help you choosing the right lists to follow, I explain all of them in this post.

The picture above is the work of Pat C. Presley and he titled it Farthest Shore.

There are a couple of clarifications that I have to point out before. First, not all publishers or web portals (or even many writers) have a Twitter account, but many of them do. Second, the lists can be access like web pages, I mean, there's no need to have a Twitter account to read them. It's enough to go to the web route of any of them and you'll see it's tweets. Next, I'll detail how I've organised the lists.

There are two distinguished groups. The ones which their names starts with "EN_" and the others with the "ES_" prefix. I believe that you already suspect their meaning, but I'll confirm it to you. Half of the lists are about contents in english (EN) and the other half in spanish (ES). Rephrasing it, if you want to be updated with news and contents regarding literature written in the spanish speaking countries, check the lists with the proper prefix (ES).

Below I enumerate the links to the lists, grouped by language. First the lists in spanish (ES_ prefix):
  • ES_Escritores: Spanish or spanish american writers. Since an author can write different kinds of fiction, I've decided not to distinguish them with a genre basis.
  • ES_WebsRevsLiteratura: Gathers the tweets from pages, web portals, blogs and magazines which deal more or less with literary topics. From news to articles about the publishing sector, reviews and else.
  • ES_WebsMagsCifiFantTerror: Like the one before, but centered in  science fiction, fantasy or horror sites. Several of them talk about cinema and other formats too.
  • ES_SellosFiccion: It shows the tweets of publishers that work with novels or short fiction of any genre. Many of them publish other sorts of works, like essays or teaching materials. Too, some of them are not spanish of spanish american, but branches of international publishers.
  • ES_SellosFantCifiTerror: This is the list were the messages of spanish publishers or brands specialized in fantasy, sciencie fiction or horror are shown
Next comes the links to lists in english (EN_ prefix):
  • EN_Writers: Authors who write in english. For now the few I have are from science fiction or fantasy.
  • EN_LiteratureMagsWebs: Webs, blogs and magazines in english about literature .
  • EN_SciFantHorrorMagsWebs: Like the one above but centered in science fiction, fantasy or horror sites.
  • EN_FictionPublishers: Non-specialized publishers that work with all kind of fictions, although they work with other kind of books too.
  • EN_SciFantHorrPublishers: Publishers specialized in science fiction, fantasy or horror.
I know that some publishers, pages or authors are still to be added, but they'll be in time. I can assure you that with all the information provided by those lists you'll be more than updated about any kind of narrative, moreover you'll be able to reach to other sort of literary contents. If you have suggestions and you want to tell me about them, do it commenting this post or through any of the social networks in which Proserage has presence (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter). Be aware that I'll have to be picky, nowadays Twitter doesn't allow lists of more than 500 members and no more than 20 lists per account.

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