28 June 2013

Affair at dawn

In this post I'm going to break the genre rule of this blog and deal with another narrative style not included in Proserage's defining premise. Yes, the main declared themes are just fantastic genres, although I'm thinking if I should widen the scope and include detective or noir stories. I'll make up my mind along the way. Meanwhile I leave you here my first try in that kind. It's very short, to the point and, I hope, entertaining for all of you.

The illustration was done by Robert A. Maguire and served as cover for the pulp short novel titled The damned lovely.

6 June 2013

Galaxy's frontiers, by Clark Carrados

Don't be fooled by the cover. In Fronteras de la galaxia (Galaxy's frontiers), not even the main characters get off from Earth in any moment. Further, although aliens do appear and a starship will play a main role in the plot, this work is in fact a thriller wrapped by a science fiction layer. Spanish, of course.