28 June 2013

Affair at dawn

In this post I'm going to break the genre rule of this blog and deal with another narrative style not included in Proserage's defining premise. Yes, the main declared themes are just fantastic genres, although I'm thinking if I should widen the scope and include detective or noir stories. I'll make up my mind along the way. Meanwhile I leave you here my first try in that kind. It's very short, to the point and, I hope, entertaining for all of you.

The illustration was done by Robert A. Maguire and served as cover for the pulp short novel titled The damned lovely.


The light from the headlamps outlines, lengthened, their silhouettes. The guns throw metallic glints to their opponents, teasing them to end it once and for all. Just one of them doubts. The woman and the third guy, not at all.

–Let me arrest him! There is more than enough evidence against him!
–And powerful friends who owe him favours.

The third man just smiles at the obvious remark, without stop keeping a close eye on the other two. He's clear about her coming for him, she has reasons, but the pig could surprise him.

–C'mon babe, let the cop do his job.
–Shut up bastard. You won't get out of this.

The woman steels her glare, she knows well who to aim. Doesn't the detective's nervousness, which suddenly makes him to aim at her.

–Lower your...!

Three blasts crack, cutting off the order.

Two bodies fall over the floor. The survivor looks around himself, bewildered. He curses himself while he leans over the woman. Her wound looks serious. She looks at him, in pain but mad at the same time.

–Are you idiot? Pick me up, come on!

The policeman helps her to get up. She, grumbling rage and ache, gets closer and riddles the corpse of the fallen man. After that turns, slowly, throwing the agent an angry look.

–You could have shoot him earlier, love.