31 July 2013

Tears in Rain, by Rosa Montero

I think it was the last summer when I bought Ciudad sin estrellas (Starless city or City without stars, both translations seem correct to me), which I'll review in some future post, along with the book I'm dealing here, Lágrimas en la lluvia (Tears in rain, here there's no doubt). Both are novels written by spanish female authors, both science fiction themed. Both unusual in the spanish literary market, so cramped with realistic fiction, historical fantasies and young adult novels. It seems obvious that they successfully tempted a genre reader like me. Was Tears worth of it? You're a click away from figuring that out. Beware! I'll neither spoil the ending nor the argument but, unavoidably, I'll have to mention something from the story directly. And another warning, this review is about the spanish version of the text, not the english translation.

4 July 2013

Cybernaut, by Curtis Garland

Here it is, the review of the third and last pocketbook I own. One more time, don't be carried along by the appearence. In Cibernauta (Cybernaut) sure there's a cyborg, but it's not as terrifying as the one depicted in the cover. Otherwise, all promised by the illustration is in the narration: pretty girls, a man with parts of his body switched with artificial implants and spaceships.