25 November 2013

Arrived with the rain

From all the science fiction things I've read one of the feelings that remains is that the characters' emotions are shown a bit in a rigid way. This depends on authors and books, of course, but the impression that the scientific aspects give a patina of coldness and distance to a narration keeps on appearing in my mind. Following this idea, I wanted to write a science fiction story but reinforcing its emotional side. From that attempt comes this short narration, the story of a reunion under the rain. I won't advance you more, because it's really short. The illustration, titled A robot girl washes in the rain, is a creation of David Finley.

24 November 2013

City without stars, by Montse de Paz

It's odd, I don't remember reading another Minotauro prize before this Ciudad sin estrellas (City without stars). It wasn't on purpose, I swear. Just life, nothing more. The important thing is that, in this post, I offer you the review of an awarded spanish science fiction work. And you know how I like to do the reviews: long and going well into detail. Otherwise this wouldn't be an analysis worth of ProseRage.