25 May 2014

17 May 2014

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It was around the beggining of the 2011's summer when I typed and published this short piece in the spanish version of this blog. I was directly inspired by the illustration you can see above this paragraph. Drawed by the expert hand of Jesper Ejsing, it caught my eye so much that, some time later, I printed it to decorate a corner of my house. There's something else about this story: I wrote and published it (in spanish) in two different versions with distinct endings. Here you'll find the edited and translated version which I consider the best between them.

3 May 2014


It has been around a couple years since I wrote this short piece (in spanish, mind you), but I think it's readable. So it's the turn for this story to be translated and offered here, in the english version of Proserage. The inspiration for doing this narration comes directly from those videogames called shooters. You know, those insanely difficult games where you pilot a fighter through air or space or both (water even!) and shoot at swarms of enemies while trying to evade thousands of bullets, projectiles or energy beams. But here's the trick, I chose the point of view that we never get to see in those games. I hope you find this insteresting and worth your time. The illustration above was done by Vinicius Menezes.