17 May 2014

Access trial

It was around the beggining of the 2011's summer when I typed and published this short piece in the spanish version of this blog. I was directly inspired by the illustration you can see above this paragraph. Drawed by the expert hand of Jesper Ejsing, it caught my eye so much that, some time later, I printed it to decorate a corner of my house. There's something else about this story: I wrote and published it (in spanish) in two different versions with distinct endings. Here you'll find the edited and translated version which I consider the best between them.


Like a giant red projectile, the dragon dived over her. Spitting his bluish fire, engulfed her in a sea of flames, charring all that it touched. Anything but the young woman. Throwed onto the floor, she had been protected from that volcanic breath by the arcana etched in her clothes. In seconds, she rose up to prime her railgun rifle while the creature was returning to make another pass.

A whistling announced that the electrical charge was ready. Just in time. She aimed at the beast and waited until he came into range. One beat. Other. Another. She glimpsed the body of the dragon and pulled the trigger. The weapon's magnetic system propelled the bullet much faster than sound and, after cracking like thunder, impacted with dreadful might on the creature's shoulder. Enraged and in pain, he got away bellowing, wriggling in the air. Fury was already blinding his senses. He wouldn't have mercy.

The woman used the chance to reach a crag from where she could see in all directions. While peering into the horizon, she increased the weapon's power and enchanted the ammo. It was an all or nothing, her fireproof protection wouldn't resist another attack like the previous one. Even worse, she couldn't see the dragon. Where he had gone?

In the last instant, she felt the air whistling over her head. Shit! Barely she could move aside and a claw got through her clothes, leaving an ugly wound on her back. The pain made her stick a knee on the ground, but she wouldn't let to be defeated like that. She aimed again, followed with the scope to the flying being and sensed his next movement.

The bullet went through a wing's joint, bringing down the dragon. He fell close and the shooter ran as best as she could towards him, shooting time and again. Almost without avoiding the flames, she managed to shatter with some lucky bullets the monster's brain. Whinig, he fell down over burning stones. The hunter, exhausted, tried to stand on her feet, holding fast her dagger. The heart of that wicked beast would be the impressive key which would allow her to enter the Northern Griffons Order.