18 September 2015

The debt's trail

A thieve arrives to a certain city searching for a guy who betrayed him. Is a debt made of gold, blood and many explanations, although it won't be exactly that what the main character will get at the end of this narration told in twenty four microstories.
Published in a not-too-regular fashion through the months of july, august and september of 2015, they tell a small story where crime, ambition and magic have room. And since writing this series has been quite interesting for me, possibly I'll base on it to, in a hopefully near future, make a longer fiction.
The accompanying illustration to this post is from the studio Feng Zhu Design, and I chose it because it evokes a bit the city in which the action of this sum of microfictions is located.


"In the pearly city a man tracks the bastard who betrayed him. There was a lot of gold and too much blood in the matter as to forget it."

"He quietly grabs the hidden hilt, he has seen the guy in a corner of the den. He keeps his anger cool: first the answers, after that..."

"He finds the traitor inert, but he's not troubled. That just means the debt burdens other shoulders, and he's determined to collect it."

"He subtly searches the stiff. No blood nor magic, they've used a poison few in the town know how to make. He grins, he knows them all."

"He worms out of the alchemist to whom he sold the potion, some noble with a lethal ambition. Just the kind of bastard he loves to fleece."

"He steals into the mansion. With not so earthly arts, he becomes shadow and mute stealth who vanquish the hermetic fame of the place."

"Not guards but arcanes are what the thieve has to elude wary. It's magic that a woman's cry dyes dark. The nobleman is a necromancer!"

"Monotone sings chase the howls and he follows both. Each step closes him upon the spell, on danger. But he's panther that fear can't hunt."

"In the chamber the chants rise, the damsel rips her voice! A light bathes them suddenly. The invoked one comes. It accepts the sacrifice!"

"After a flash, silence. The spirit has fused within the woman and the sorcerer grins. The hidden thief too: the girl will be his loot."

"They lock the woman up in a close room and the noble leaves, tired. He cannot feel the shadow that stalks with the mettle of a hunter."

"Before the door they've left a big black cilinder: a guardian bot. But the thief knows that a sorcerer is never so obvious with his traps."

"He charms his eyes and sees the invisible: roving runes surround the door and the soulless guard. A challenge up to his skills. Almost."

"Against the sentinel, mirage. Upon the arcanes, ice. But before the door he's startled, it's clad by a curse! Foul magic to graze."

"The hex is strong, sneaky. Hard to nullify. The thieve grins, he remembers the right spell. Afterwards black flames take his hands."

"The maiden awakes and sees the door disintegrating. A man is outside, with dark fire on his hands and a fixation in his eyes. Her."

"—It's a beautiful night outside of this prison, miss —says the thief—. Care to accompany me?
The young woman's eyes light with hope."

"Going back through the mansion is not an option, not with her. Many traps, too much danger. But that wall, with the right explosive..."

"The furious fire tongue drills the scape route, but they must run! Guards and black magic liven up, and they dislike to lose their prey."

"Under them there're too many meters. Empty, lethal. But the alternative to that reckless climb isn't better. In fact, is worse than dying."

"The roof is a helpless dead end under the night. Fear and haste stalk the fugitives. It is time for the thief to employ his ace."

"The wings sprout from the man's back. Dark and holographic, they are pure alchemical genius whose sight rekindle the damsel's hope."

"With the girl in his arms, his wings soar the night. Behind them, the noble becomes a rage volcano. But his fire doesn't know how to fly."

"When they're safe, the thief thinks about his reward: a girl, pretty but possesed, a new enemy and no gold. A great night, truly."

Publised between the 18th of july and the 17th of september of 2015.