3 October 2016

In the first date

It's already happening nowadays, people who choose silicon couples as partners in life. Now they are mere extremely expensive dolls, slaves of their owner's fantasies. But the future of robotics promises to go much further, maybe towards the creation of a species parallel to ours which will make us rethink the meaning of many notions of our existence. Romance for instance. I hope you won't find this a too sweet fiction...


—Say, don't you like me?
Artemisa flooded her with her violet gaze, so beautiful, so human. So puzzling. Cruz didn't know what to reply. Lie. She did know what, but she wasn't daring to do it. To admit what she was feeling. The android covered her hand gently, and she started when she felt that warm over her skin.
—You're frightened.
—Of course I am —Cruz answered without raising her look, but she felt Artemisa's lenient smile.
—But you came to the date, and that has made me very happy, Cruz.
When Artemisa proposed her that first encounter, she had everything so clear... But now she had gone blank, and her heart beat unsure. But her hand was still under the artificial woman's. Why didn't she moved it away?
—I could look at you for hours —said the android—. You are quite the beauty.
—I know, it sounds illogical. I am not just a machine? I-CAN-ONLY-FOLLOW-MY-PROGRAM joked Artemisa in a monotonous voice.
Cruz rasped her laugh, and something started to change in the way she looked at the android.
—You're bad playing the robot —she replied humorously.
—What? I play bad the robot? —counterattacked Artemisa, feigning outrage— How you dare, meatbag!
They laughed a lot, enjoying at last the mutual company in that summer terrace. The nightfall sun found them seating close, crossing their gazes in even more knowing silences. Cruz broke the last one without taking her eyes off from that face which marvelled her.
—It's incredible.
—Yes. And you cannot imagine what it means for me to be here with you —said Artemisa, and the tears that appeared in her synthetic eyes pierced Cruz in the heart—. That you don't consider me a mere object, that you perceive me as a living being... That you look at me the way you're doing now, Cruz, is… Is something I thank you very much.
The human was fascinated. If those weren't real sentiments, what other thing they could be? She didn't bear doubts anymore, just the courage to dare throwing herself into it. A step that would mean a lot for her and, maybe, for the future of both species. Just a gesture would be enough, only one...
—Artemisa —Cruz called her, picking her smooth and dark face up. She cleaned out the drops of pains past which clouded her eyes and smiled at her—. Artemisa, let me look at you closer. You have...
The kiss ended the excuse. Organic skin and synthetic dermis met and told their passion with delight. Nothing else mattered, just the breath of the other, and they needed more than a minute to slow their drive down and return to reality. Cruz looked around her, searching for any reaction to their romantic display.
—Damn, we haven't caused sensation —she said at last with a touch of dissapointment.
—My circuits don't think the same, babe.
Artemisa winked at her and Cruz rewarded her back with a happy smile. She paid the bill and took her new lover by the arm. The date was far from over, because the summer was inviting them to stretch it on in its night.
And they accepted.